Website Design

Presence and importance of the internet in our personal lives and many aspects of businesses is a fact of life these days.

At Aurora Design Ltd we create customised Responsive Websites that incorporate the latest technologies in building intuitive, engaging and search engine friendly websites. Our Responsive Websites can give your business an effective online competitive edge.

We utilise open-source platforms, content management systems and facilities, creating effective solutions from scratch.

Hosting / Services

We provide optimised and performance enhanced website hosting services. We have the platform to keep your website secure and stable, whether you are running a powerful e-commerce website or an information oriented business website.

We also offer ongoing website management and active content updating of your website's content which is required for the effective maintenance of your online presence to ensure all products and services your company provides are easily accessible by your valued clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of a website for its effectiveness in the ever cluttered market.

We base our analysis on site-statistics, algorithms, marketing data, and research in to the performance of the a site.

Using a strategic approach we endeavour to increasing your site's search engine visibility so you maintain the competitive edge for your business. SEO by its nature is an ongoing process that needs to be closely monitored.

Social Media

Social media and digital marketing have become a necesity to many company’s marketing strategy. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest allow us to target audiences more effectivly.

Keeping the social media accounts consistent, relevant and engaging can be a complicated and time consuming process. Aurora Design can tailor a social media strategy to suit your business requirments within your allocated budget.


We are experienced in building online shopping experiences that your customers can navigate effortlessly on their PC's, Tablets or Smartphones. Studying your products and services and their demographics we maximise conversions in an increasingly competitive market.

We utilise Magento, OpenCart, Wordpress or custom developed systems.

Logo Design

Your company logo is the symbol of your business, capturing its essence. So it’s important to get it right. We design logos that echo the nature of your business and express its distinctive corporate identity.

If you already have a good static logo we can digitise it or transform into an animated form so that you can use it on your website, in emails, online adverts etc.

If you are a consumer, a marketer, a company owner or the CEO of a company looking for branding, you should be interested in logos.

Logos are the centerpiece of a company’s brand image and can tell you a lot about the company.

The quality of a company's logo can tell the consumer how much its image (and customer opinion) means to that company. The effectiveness of a logo can help sell product or service that the company has on the market.

A great brand awareness factor!


Brochure design is an art form that requires specific design skills and a thorough understanding of marketing solutions that can be achieved using print media. Studying the target audience is a crucial factor in ensuring that an effective and targeted solution is found.

At Aurora Design Ltd we have accumulated over 20 years of experience in print media solutions for a wide variety of retail, corporate and commercial clients.

Advert Design

We specialise in designing adverts for magazines, newspapers as well as digital media. We are strong believers that the adverts we develop for our clients should deliver. we firmly believe that every business has different marketing needs and there is no one size fits all approach to an effective marketing plan.

Content management systems that we specialise in are WordPress, Concrete5 and Silverstripe.

Brand development

A strong brand reinforces brand recognition among your target audience and helps your brand get better identified. An effective identity and brand can be the reasons why a consumer chooses one product over another. On one level, your corporate identity aims to increase the chance of recognition, uniqueness in comparison with others but still be consistent enough to be recognised.

On the second level, the abstract, identity expresses the symbolic description of an organisation’s character, goals and origin.

Packaging Design

Packaging and label design has the primary goal to attract customer's attention. For this purpose, package and label designs can not simply inform customers, - they also needs to provoke feelings and communicate emotions.

An effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity and is just nice to have on the shelf. Of course considerations such as robustness, ease of handling and transport, safty and minimum wear and tear and a multitude of other consideration come to play too.

Signage and Display stands

The first rule of visual communication, is to grab the attention of the target audience. Without it, the message will go unnoticed!

We understand the importance of maintaining clarity, - using a focused and singular message. It is the simplicity of this direction that drives your message home and convinces the intended viewers to take note of the products or services you are promoting.

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