How . . . . do I start

The following are some of steps that need to be taken when you consider to have a website:

• Choose a domain name (such as For availability
   of domain names ending go to
   You can purchase your domain name online. You will need to renew
   your registration anually and so it is not a one off purchase.

• Decide on a host for your website. We can organise all your hosting requirements
• Define the "Mission and vision"of your company

• Define your website’s aimes and objectives (direct sale, targeted marketing,
  providing information etc)

• Specify the primary and secondary “Target Audience” for the site

• What is the single most important benefit of your company/product?
   Your unique selling proposition (USP).

• Think about how you are going to promote your website. Just having
   a website does not mean that surfers of the web are aware of your
   online presence. Conventional means of advertising are still needed
   to promote your site. As you may have noticed even very well-known
   companies advertise their sites in order to create the desired traffic.

Remember, relying, solely on search engines to lead people to your website is an unrealistic approach. As you might have experienced yourself when you type in "Shopfitters" on Google, you see many thousands of sites. To be on the first page of search engines, you need to have a long term strategic plan and have your site search engine optimised.
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