Website . . . . health check

. . so you have gone and spent your marketing dollars on a website. Now it is time to see if your website is achieving what you intended it to do for your business.

Let's go through a few question:

Is your website performing and achieving its objectives?
• How relevant is your website to its target audience?
• How prominently does your site appear in leading search engines
• Does your website make effective use of the latest technologies at hand?
• How does your website's overall success compare with your key business competitors?
• Web surfers want results and want them fast. What is the loading time for your site?
• Is the content of your site consice & interesting enough to invite visitor back?
• How easy is to navigate your site? How many click till you find right information?
• Are the images in your site sharp and easy to see and were optimised for the web

Taking the gamble out of making online results come true!

website health check

To answer all these critical questions and recommend remedies that you need, we suggest you let us carry out a Website Health Check on your existing website

A professional Website Health Check will provide you with an audit report written specifically for you, which gives you practical recommendations to improve the functionality of your website.

Any business owner who is disappointed by the lack of results from their existing website can immensley benefit from a Website Health Check. we will provide you with material that will highlight the key problem areas and make realistic, achievable recommendations for immediate improvements.

. . . we will help you understand the key issues that are affecting the performance of your website.

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