Posters . . . & displays

The first rule of visual communication, is to grab the attention of the target audience. Without it, the message will go unnoticed!

We understand the importance of maintaining clarity, - using a focused and singular message. It is the simplicity of this direction that drives your message home and convinces the intended viewers to take note of the products or services you are promoting.

An effective marketing tool for Alpha laboratories. Modern with science, technolgy, and nature being the main themes in this Display Stand.

Dimentions: 3.80 X 2.30m
Printed, matt laminated test set up

posters and displays

This large portable display Stand was developed for NZ Beef & Lamb. It depicts the healthy nature of beef and lamb as nutritional and an easy to maintain diet suitable for all ages.

Dimensions: 4.00x2.20m
Printed, matt laminated and test set up

The two solid display Stands were designed and developed for Webbing & Tapes REM. The panels present the diverse and extensive range of products offerd. photography of the products was carried out by Aurora Design.

Dimensions: 3.60x2.40m
Printed, matt laminated

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