About . . . . Aurora Design

Aurora Design was formed in 1993 with the view to be a one stop shop for all visual communication needs of businesses. And to offer corporate ID design, design and production of brochures, catalogues, adverts, website design and maintenance, hosting, and general graphic design disciplines.

Since early 90's our reputation has grown steadily and we now have a substantial client base in New Zealand and a few overseas countries. We believe our success can be attributed to us working as a team with our clients and believing that we do well when our clients do well.

If you need a brand new website or just want to spice up your existing one. whom should you commission? There are hundreds of web design companies out there. We are just one of them. So why choose Aurora Design? Because we are a highly qualified and experienced company whose combined skills can create sites that are stylish yet functional, customised yet systematic, sensual yet simple. We design and develop unique and distinctive websites that reflect the spirit of our clients' businesses and respond to their online needs.

We can assist you to better market your company, products or services!

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