Scharfenberger was founded in 1928 to manufacture Basket Presses, Destemmers and other winemaking, materials handling equipment. In 1971, they produced their Europress which over the ensuing years has become well known and accepted in the winemaking industry.

Recently, the Europress has been re designed to have a sleek and modern look. They also feature a state-of-the-art construction with easily programmable, ultra reliable, control systems, which combine to give a World leading product.

The Europress is available in three different press systems.

1. Open Press. - The press drum has narrow conical slots punched from one side. The shape and distribution of these slots, guarantee the highest quality juice, while avoiding blockage of the slots.

2. Closed Press (Tank Press.) - This system has hinged, removable interior juice channels, with the narrow slots. The juice drains directly out of the Press drum into the juice tray.

3. Dual Press. - A Press system unique to Scharfenberger, combining the advantages of open and closed systems. The exterior juice channels can be quickly and easily mounted, or dismounted, providing long term Pressing flexibility for the winemaker.

There are 7 Models of Europress, ranging in capacity from :-

Model 6
Model 320
Whole Cluster
  450 kgs
24,000 kgs
1,200 kgs
63,000 kgs
Fermented Must
1,800 kgs
94,000 kgs


These capacities are indicative, depending on Grape variety, filling method, mash and ripeness of the Grapes.

Unlike most equipment manufacturers, Scharfenberger are willing to include customer specified variations to their standard build. In fact, their flexible approach to customer and market requirements, is confirmed by 70% of their sales being non standard.

Further technical details, sizing and pricing are available on request.

The German engineered and made Europress, offers the best quality and value, available in New Zealand.